Best NFT Markets

    Best NFT Markets

    Best NFT Markets

    In the world of science and technology, we are currently experiencing a massive upsurge, be it in the matter of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, or the enthusiasm around the growth of NFT marketplaces. NFTs, supported by blockchain expertise, are going berserk in the world of digital art and have gained fame across all public domains in a very short time.

    Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have now become a new internet phenomenon with more and more people getting involved in the marketplace daily. The volume of work that the artists put in to make digital art is inimitable. The concept was initiated with the aim of awarding the actual ownership rights to content creators for their monumental efforts. But in the world of capitalism, everything can be up for sale, and NFTs are no different. To buy the ownership right from the artists, buyers are willing to pay a hefty amount of money. With the continuous growth of blockchain, NFTs are also turning out to be a billion-dollar industry for prosperous people.

    The NFT marketplace is where you can get the list of NFTs that are accessible for dealing. If you are supposed to be an NFT artist, musician, or creator, then the internet is the exact place where you should head. In recent years, there have been plenty of new NFT marketplaces that have darted into their place. The importance of the marketplace in the NFT network is huge and finding the best among them is always difficult. In this article, our aim will be to help you find the best NFT marketplace to buy or sell digital assets.

    What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

    Before moving straight into the list of best marketplaces, let’s quickly understand the meaning of NFT. Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFT, are a unit of data that is kept in the cluster of a blockchain. NFTs are digital tokens that must be unique, not exchangeable, and cannot be further divided into more units. An NFT is one type of cryptocurrency and it can include tangible digital assets like paintings and artworks as well as intangible assets including photos, videos, audio, and tweets. The concept of NFT is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

    Like any other investment, NFT also promises a considerable return value. However, unlike real money, an NFT cannot be exchanged for another NFT. When a digital item is rehabilitated into a non-fungible token, then it possesses more information and acquires a unique form. Even if you save the previous art form, you won’t be able to access that form. Thus, the value of digital art will not be the same as that of the original NFT.

    What is an NFT Marketplace?

    An NFT marketplace is a specialised platform where you can create, buy, and trade NFTs of all varieties. The marketplace acts as a bridge and narrows the gap between the customers and merchants. The process of buying and trading is done digitally where the customers and merchants gather in a virtual space. This place also enables artists and content creators to showcase their artworks and put them up for sale. The buyer (or customer) can simply browse to find their favourite NFT and purchase them through bidding in the auction round. So, to get a handsome profit for their digital assets and collections, the artists must also go through the list of NFT marketplaces.

    There is, as such, no difference between an e-commerce platform and an NFT marketplace. The difference is that we visit an e-commerce website to buy apparel and other goods, while in the NFT marketplace you get the opportunity to buy and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The transaction process of the NFT marketplace is similar to that of traditional online platforms. The only difference is that in NFT, cryptos are used for payments in place of real cash, and the transaction gets executed only after verification on the blockchain.

    How does an NFT marketplace work?

    The working of an NFT marketplace is described in the following steps:

    1. Sign Up

    The interface and sign-up process of the NFT marketplace differ from website to website. But to get access to that website, you either need to create your own account or link a sustained digital wallet, or sometimes you may need to do both. Generally, the “Sign Up” button is situated in the upper right-hand corner of the website’s homepage. When you link a digital wallet, you will be asked to enter the wallet credentials to get access.

    2. Purchase an NFT

    Buyers can directly purchase the NFT of their choice for a stable price by bidding in the auction. However, there are few situations where the potential buyer submits a notice to the owner and asks them to negotiate for an improved price.

    3. Retailing an NFT

    The procedure of selling an NFT is a little more involved than buying one. If a person desires to sell any digital things (such as a soundtrack, dance, tweet, digital art, etc.) that they have created themselves, the retailing procedure becomes much more complicated.

    In this situation, the person will be requested to upload the desired digital asset to the NFT market, then set a fixed selling price or enter it into an auction. After that, the entire asset will be thoroughly scrutinised, and if it receives permission, it will be placed on the market.

    The marketplace begins executing the transfer of an asset from buyer to seller as soon as the seller accepts any possible bid.

    4. Casting an NFT

    If someone feels like creating their NFT, then they must have access to the wallet of the blockchain they are considering. The wallet should also allow a standard token for that NFT. Once you finish completing the casting, you will be able to get access to the leading NFT marketplaces. The “Create” button, generally situated in the top right corner. Upon clicking on the “Create” button, the user will be redirected to the page where you can start the casting process.

    What are the different Blockchain options for NFT trading?

    There are several blockchains that are used for making, purchasing, and trading various digital assets. Blockchain systems can be reconcilable as well as closed. Ethereum is considered the most widely used blockchain system for NFT trading. Besides Ethereum, the other blockchain options are as follows:

    • Binance Smart Chain
    • Flow
    • Tron
    • EOS
    • Solana
    • Polkadot
    • Tezos
    • Algorand
    • WAX
    • Cosmos
    • Hedera Hashgraph
    • Ziliqa

    List of Best NFT Marketplaces

    There are plenty of NFT marketplaces available on the internet where you will get the opportunity to create, sell, and purchase NFTs of your choice at a mammoth price. When you are in search of a marketplace, you must be aware of the below-mentioned factors:

    • For exact what reasons you will be using the marketplace
    • On what blockchain platform does the market lie on
    • The security level of the website
    • Compare Commission Fees with other marketplaces

    And you also need to do thorough research on that marketplace and see if the marketplace is suited for you or not. Now without wasting any more time, let’s dig into the list of the best NFT markets.

    1. OpenSea

    Among all the marketplaces available on the market, OpenSea is currently the largest as well as the best NFT marketplace, according to many experts. OpenSea was also the first marketplace to be initiated on the Ethereum blockchain system. Around 4 million digital assets are traded here and it supports only two tokens: ERC-1155 and ERC-721. A wide range of assets, including music, photos, trading cards, videos, sports, art, domain names, etc., are traded on OpenSea.

    Founded: 2017
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos
    Commission Fees: Zero Upfront fee + 2.5% marketplace fee for each sale
    Payment Modes: ETH, WETH, DAI, USDC, MEME

    2. Rarible

    It is a simple, peer-to-peer NFT marketplace that is known for offering a unified and easy-flowing trading experience. The interface of Rarible is very engaging and it provides a free and easy view for NFT enthusiasts. There is a section on the website where it displays the best sellers of the day, which makes it easier for the buyers to effortlessly reach their anticipated NFTs. Rarible has its own native crypto method known as the Rarible Token.

    Founded: 2020
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: Gas fees + 2.5% marketplace fee
    Payment Modes: ETH, RARI, WETH, DAI, ATRI

    3. SuperRare

    Amidst the wide-ranging NFT marketplaces, SuperRare comes third on our list. It is an exclusive platform that helps buyers to find some rare pieces of artwork. You can get in touch with some exceptional artists over here. SuperRare has a wide grouping and it features several assets like art, culture, and collectibles. Its approach to presenting artworks, engaging the audience, and portraying them on social media is admirable.The management present in SuperRare themselves verifies the work and effort of an artist.

    Founded: 2018
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: 3% minting fee + 15% marketplace fee
    Payment Modes: ETH

    4. Nifty Gateway

    The administration at Nifty Gateway is very reliable and trustworthy. This marketplace was launched with the intention of taking this platform to the top of the market and making access to the nifties free for everyone. Nifty Gateway comes with a rare feature that is normally not found in any other marketplaces. The feature is that this marketplace allows the buyers to purchase goods with their credit cards and they don’t need to get access to any other wallet. Nifty also endeavours to carry national processes to regionalized processes and make them accessible to the audience worldwide.

    Founded: 2018
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: 5% minting fee + 30 cents for each sale
    Payment Modes: Credit Card, Pre-Paid ETH Balance

    5. Foundation

    The Foundation is another encouraging marketplace that is capable of bringing investors, crypto natives, and asset collectors together in the same digital space. The Foundation, which is well-known for its “new creative economy,” was founded with the intention of focusing primarily on digital artworks.Any accomplished artist or content creator can join the foundation and create a profile to showcase their skills. Furthermore, the artist can refer a friend to this space.However, they can choose to invite only one of their friends.

    Founded: 2020
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: Gas fees + 15% marketplace fee
    Payment Modes: ETH

    6. KnownOrigin

    Founded in 2018, KnownOrigin is a specialised online platform that offers buyers the opportunity to find and buy some exceptional, rare digital assets. Artists need to create their profile and complete it, before joining the marketplace. The artworks that are found here are completely genuine, exclusive, and can be bought using the Ethereum payment method. The credibility and authenticity of the artist are perfectly displayed on this platform. Photos on the KnownOrigin platform are available in.jpeg or.gif format.

    Founded: 2018
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: Gas fees + 15% marketplace fee
    Payment Modes: ETH

    7. NBA Top Shot

    The National Basketball Association in 2019 launched their own private NFT marketplace that is known as “NBA Top Shot.” The best moments from the game are collected, and players with exquisite performances are rewarded. The marketplace trims those best moments and transforms them into NFTs. Top Shot also converts trading cards and other digital items into NFTs. They also reward proprietorship rights for those special moments. This attracts NBA enthusiasts and gives them the opportunity to claim those moments as theirs.

    Founded: 2019
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: 5% marketplace fee
    Payment Modes: ETH

    8. Mintable

    Mintable is a two-way selling and buying marketplace to trade on NFTs. The buyers are required to have a connection with MetaMask in order to have access to the crypto wallets. This marketplace was initiated using the Ethereum and Ziliqa blockchain technology. Mintable allows several assets to be traded, including songs, photos, videos, dance clips, artwork, digital collectibles, and gaming assets. They also provide full ownership rights to the artist. It is one of the few marketplaces that allows three different kinds of auctions: scheduled auctions, on-the-spot auctions, and traditional auctions.

    Founded: 2018
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum and Zilliqa
    Commission Fees: 2% for normal items, 5% for gasless items
    Payment Modes: ETH, ZIL

    9. Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is an online game that allows several activities, including promotion, bout battles, and accumulating animated mortals that are known as Axies. To increase their strength in accumulating axies, users can buy a farm or a kingdom digitally. The gamers can also sell their properties whenever they want them to. Axie Infinity is the leading game that includes Ethereum and it has been able to appeal to nearly 20,000 users monthly. Currently, in 2021, Axie Infinity is one of the top listed NFT marketplaces.

    Founded: 2018
    Native Blockchain(s): Ethereum
    Commission Fees: 4.25% marketplace fee
    Payment Modes: ETH

    10. BakerySwap

    The last marketplace to make our list is BakerySwap. It is a specialised digital market that focuses on regionalized finances and trading various types of NFTs. All the transactions that are generated on this platform are carried through using BAKE tokens. It has been able to engage millions of users through its competitions, digital presentations, and online games. It has ‘combo meals’ features that aid the users in grossing extra BAKE tokens. BakerySwap also has a special feature named ‘Bread’ that allows the users to stake their tokens to generate more BAKES.

    Founded: 2020
    Native Blockchain(s): Binance Smart Chain
    Commission Fees: 0.30% fee on every activity
    Payment Modes: BAKE Tokens


    NFT marketplaces are an integral part of NFTs. The topic of the growth of NFT marketplaces deserves greater attention. The popularity of these marketplaces proves the value of digital assets. The world of non-fungible tokens is flourishing day by day and they have been successful in drawing the attention of investors from all across the world.

    We covered 10 NFT marketplaces, which according to us, are currently the best NFT marketplaces. There are several other alternatives also, and each marketplace has its own unique resources to attract different objective audiences. Even content also has their preferred list of items that they want to convert into NFTs.

    We attempted to present a brief landscape on NFT marketplaces, including what NFTs are, how they work, what an NFT marketplace is, how to choose the best market for NFT, and, most importantly, what are the top marketplaces to sell and buy digital items.So, from the list of top NFT marketplaces, it is your job to discover the marketplace that is more convenient to you.