5 Eminent Crypto Investors You Should Know About

    Eminent Crypto Investors

    Cryptocurrencies have stood out as exceptional investment options over the past few years. The concept of digital assets was vague even a few years back. At present, billions of small and large investors from different regions of the world are aiming to invest in cryptocurrencies with the expectations of high returns. The verdict is pretty clear about the future of cryptocurrencies and their performances. As the clock keeps ticking, cryptocurrencies will beat all other investment options and rise over other digital assets too.

    Regardless of your financial status or your yearly income, you can invest in your favorite cryptocurrency whenever you want to. The open investment policies of blockchains and cryptocurrencies made them convenient options for all types of investors and buyers. Who doesn’t want to try his luck by investing a considerable amount in Bitcoin or any other stablecoin? It’s quite hard to find a working individual who is yet to invest in a particular cryptocurrency.

    Bitcoin Investments

    When it comes to crypto investment, Bitcoin strikes first in a common crypto investor’s mind. The ample growth and persistent supremacy of Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies have taken the market image of this cryptocurrency to another level. From millionaires to middle-class crypto investors, everyone is in love with Bitcoin and its performance in the crypto world.

    There are some trendsetting investors who showed courage to invest huge amounts in Bitcoin when cryptocurrency was not so popular. Undoubtedly, they are enjoying the high returns they received from Bitcoin investments. But they set instances by investing in the cryptocurrency during its initial stage. With their initiatives, millions of their followers got influenced to consider Bitcoin as a stable and trustworthy investment option. This article will talk about the trendsetters who set the trend of investing in Bitcoin and made it popular over other cryptocurrencies.

    Top 5 Bitcoin Investors So Far

    You can rarely find an industrialist or millionaire who doesn’t own Bitcoins. From celebrities to VIPs, everyone has shown interest in investing in Bitcoins and some of them gambled large portions of their overall assets in Bitcoins. Though the list of popular Bitcoin investors is endless, the list will remain incomplete without the following names:

    1. Roger Ver

    Entitled as the Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver is a big name when it comes to Bitcoin investment. Roger dared to invest in the cryptocurrency when it didn’t even have adequate recognition in the crypto world. Bitcoin has always been backed by Roger in social media and everywhere else. Being an eminent personality, Roger’s trust in Bitcoin has influenced millions of crypto investors to invest in the cryptocurrency with closed eyes. Since Bitcoin Cash has been introduced, the new venture has had the cordial support of Roger too. His persistent compassion towards Bitcoin investment has created a unique recognition for him, the Bitcoin Jesus. New cryptocurrency ventures like Ripple have had Roger’s support as well. With 1 lakh Bitcoins in his wallet, Roger can beat any other Bitcoin investor any day comfortably.

    2. Barry Silbert

    The name of Barry Silbert is bound to occupy second place in the list. The crypto giant has a huge contribution to the escalated growth of cryptocurrencies. The former founder of the Digital Currency Group is one of the oldest supporters of Bitcoin. Barry’s company’s aim to conduct the digital transformation of the global financial infrastructure is turning into reality day by day. The Digital Currency Group has backed approximately 125 crypto-related companies and start-ups with financial investments. The picture of the crypto world has been undergoing a massive transformation with the Digital Currency Group.

    3. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

    The Winklevoss twins are two great names in terms of Bitcoin investments. Being the co-founders of the Gemini exchange, the largest digital asset exchange company, Tyler and Cameron were two of the earliest Bitcoin investors. They were the first Bitcoin investors to reach the milestone of a billion profit from Bitcoin investments. At present, these two investors collectively have the ownership of around 1 lakh Bitcoins and the total amount invested by both of them is around US$ 950 million. Apart from Bitcoin, Winklevoss brothers set their names as record-breaking Ethereum investors too. Simply, these two investors can overlap many Bitcoin investors with their resources and Bitcoin collections.

    4. Kingsley Advani

    Apart from these investment whales, Kingsley Advani has become a popular name as a Bitcoin investor in the crypto world. Kingsley tried his luck in Bitcoin investment by investing an impressive amount of US$ 34000. Astonishingly, his Bitcoin investments made him a millionaire within the time frame of a few months at the age of 24. Kingsley is considered one of the youngest successful Bitcoin millionaires and that’s how he manages to secure an entry into the hall of fame of Bitcoin investors. Hopefully, he will make his way to do something more surprising with his crypto investments and crypto profile in the near future.

    5. Michael Novogratz

    Michael Novogratz is a big bull in the crypto world and he loves to stay in the headlines with his impressive Bitcoin investments and his comments on Bitcoin price actions. Novogratz, the founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings, has been the most successful bullish Bitcoin investor in 2017. His company, Galaxy Digital Holding holds the ownership of around 13000 Bitcoins worth 122.5 million USD. Novogratz continues to impress crypto enthusiasts by predicting Bitcoin’s price surge and decrease accurately.

    These are the top Bitcoin investors who changed their fortunes forever by investing jaw-dropping amounts in Bitcoins. Anyway, the list of famous Bitcoin investors can’t be finished off as names will keep getting added infinitely. Most importantly, the number of Bitcoin investors across the globe is escalating at a rapid pace and the trend seems to continue in the next few years.


    Being a stablecoin, Bitcoin is a safer investment option than many other emerging cryptocurrencies. The performance of Bitcoin in the crypto world speaks on behalf of the cryptocurrency. No matter how much you’re investing in Bitcoin, you should treat the cryptocurrency as a profitable investment option. If you’re capable of investing in Bitcoin and refrain from withdrawing the investment shortly, you stand high chances to earn life-changing profits from Bitcoin. The article has already described how cryptocurrency has helped the people mentioned above to level up themselves and reach the sky limit. If you’re planning to start crypto investments, we suggest you give more preference to Bitcoin as a long-term investment option. Now, you have the details of Bitcoin investments and top Bitcoin investors. You can idolize one of them and create a decent Bitcoin profile comfortably.