BitPay Joins Square-Founded COPA To Empower Crypto Adoption and Advancement

    BitPay Joins Square

    As per the latest reports, COPA started to encourage the cryptocurrency technology’s advancement by focusing on eliminating the patent as the barriers to the innovations.

    BitpPay is the world’s largest Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment service provider. So BitpPay announced that they have partnered with COPA or Crypto Open Patent Alliance. This partnership will be focused on open-project project sharing and allow both of them to use the shared patent library.

    COPA also believes that open access to patents is required so that industries can build and grow new projects to innovate them. According to Stephen Pair (CEO of BitPay), Crypto Is Becoming Mainstream And Changing Businesses.

    Stephen also explained that BitPay is ready to start their partnership and support COPA as they believe that space in the Blockchain is at the inflection point in which the cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream.

    As per history, BitPay was founded in 2011, and they are pioneers of the payment processing of Blockchain. The company is hoping to change and receive the money. BitPay is beneficial to reduce payment processing costs by allowing borderless payment by the cryptocurrency and entirely eliminates fraud.