Turkish Crypto Exchange Goes Offline, CEO Missing

    Turkish Crypto Exchange Goes Offline

    Recently Government-Controlled Anadolu Agency has released a report after the Central bank of Turkey decided to ban crypto for making payments.

    According to the reports, the CEO of the Turkish crypto exchange Thodex was not present when the users filed complaints alleging that millions of dollars have been stolen. On Wednesday, many people noticed that the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Thodex is no longer available because the error message was there on the screen.

    Mehmet, 34, also reported the same thing when he tried to access the main website of Thodex and got the error message that stated: Thodex had halted all transactions to evaluate an unspecified partnership offer. The process would take about four to five business days, it continued, adding that users would be regularly updated.

    Before this shutdown of the transactions, Thodex was trading almost 585 million dollars in the cryptocurrencies on their exchange as per the data from CoinMarketCap. This exchange also had almost 40000 users, and about 390000 were actively trading, and it is confirmed by state news agency Anadolu.

    The website of Thodex shows that they will back shortly, and exchange executives have deactivated their social media profiles, and the customer support group is also inaccessible.